CrossFit Catacombs

I recognize the lack of posting going on here- with another business in the works and going full tilt at Pool, life is full full, BUT I had to share this one… Durango’s newest exercise place to be and guaranteed to hand it to you. ¬†


CrossFit Catacombs logo



A few fun items printed this year with Tailwind Pediatric Dentistry.


Single Stream Recycling Gets a New Look

Fresh off the press! Just received my sample brochures I put together with Mary Beth Miles, Sustainability Coordinator with the City of Durango. How do you make all of the info about what you can and can’t recycle interesting and slightly fun? Pick your own copy up at the Recycle Center, 710 Tech Center Drive.

Making recycling fun! Or at least easier to figure out.

Making recycling fun! Or at least easier to figure out.

Maybe I’ll Win The Sea Monkeys

It’s that time of year again- the KDUR Annual Fall Fundraiser, and this year the theme is comical! Couldn’t resist. Seriously, we were looking through some vintage 70′s comic books and thought- why don’t we do that? The coupon at the back of the book! I admit, I sent off for the chia pet and the sea monkeys and it was worth penny!

Donate big to a big cause! KDUR Community Radio. Everybody’s doing it.


White Dragon Tearoom Logos

I’ve been working on some new pieces for the White Dragon Tearoom. Illustrations that can be used as elements within the design or as a “logo” for different aspects of what they offer. Right now we have a rooster and a dragon. I think I’ll be working on a snake next for the Year of the Snake.


White Dragon Chinese Rooster


White Dragon Tearoom Rooster Logo


White Dragon Tearoom Dragon Logo


Coppell Farmers Market Logo

I’ve just completed a logo for the Coppell Farmers Market located just north of Dallas. This has been a fun logo to work on and I’m excited to share it with you! We created it to be a modular identity system and allow for many variations on the theme. The badge can be pulled off and used on a photo or as a small corporate brand, we can change out the produce depending on the season- for example a carrot or garlic bulb, and it hopefully will become the mascot for the market. Hand picked, cared for produce.


Logo for Coppell Farmers Market

Durango Bike Polo Tourny 2013

Just knocked this out this morning. A super fun collaborative effort with my bud Mike Brieger.


More Thoughts on Design and Brand Development

I’m working through some ideas for a new logo for a client in Texas. They found me through my website. It’s pretty cool when your marketing tools are hard at work for you and I do get the value of increasing or enhancing that performance. As I work through my various bits of visual flotsam and jetsam I can’t help but think about the “dying” of the creative agency. Is it really dying out. Have we gone so far away from the soul searching of MadMen in favor of the eyeballs on a page analytical strategies? I personally may receive a gazillion emails because at one point I may have been pulled into a site, but honestly I find it more than annoying. I unsubscribe from sites ALL THE TIME. Human nature is basically the same as it was 10 years ago, 20 years ago and down the line. We are emotional and reactive and inspired. As we are irritated and compulsive and offended. All for different reasons. So looking at what moves your audience, a la in the vein of MadMen feels like a lost art. Analytical Managers would argue that this is exactly what they are doing. Looking at who is visiting where and what communities or populations are doing and then anticipating the next move and building for it. It feels sort of cold and harsh. Maybe that’s my “old fashioned” side coming out. I still like the emotional tug that good advertising can give you. Make me cry. Make me laugh. Tell me a story. Give me a compelling reason for discovering your product. Pretty basic stuff.



KDUR Furniture As Art

Don’t miss this fun event, and check out the cool poster!


Winter Bike To Work Day Durango 2013

Just wrapped up a new ID System for Durango’s Winter Bike to Work Day, 2013.

Durango Winter Bike to Work Day Logo