Yummy Town Food Truck Brand

When Joelle and Max of Yummy Town asked me to design their new food truck brand, I was jumping for joy! I had been wanting to get my brains on a food truck campaign for some time, and these two couldn’t have been more open to all the fun ideas we came up with. It’s a mobile mediterranean food truck, based in Moab, UT. The brand not only tells the story of the food itself, the colors pulled right from the sandstone desert walls that surround them in Moab, and their active lifestyle, which also happens to be one of the primary reasons people go to Moab. We started with designing a logo for Yummy Town and as we moved through the process, what became as important was how the logo worked into their number one brand element- the truck itself. This quickly evolved into creating a wallpaper of graphics, fun elements that could be extracted for all their marketing uses.If you’re thinking about opening a food truck or new restaurant, consider Pool Creative for your logo and brand support!
Check out the video from Custom Concessions – Yummy Town Food Truck.